Skin Care Rules that Men and Women Must Follow

Is Skin Care Just For Women?

A lot of people think that only women need to keep up with skin care. Most men might not have a regular routine, but it is extremely important for both men and women to protect their skin as much as possible. Some might hear "skin care" and think of the expensive, dangerous-looking procedures out there. The most necessary steps, though, are safe and quick, especially with the help of professionals like the LaVida Massage of Johns Creek, GA team. Our affordable treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated with radiant, healthier skin. 

Preventative Measures that will Save your Skin

The main thing to consider before selecting your skin care products is quality. Try to pick a brand with no harmful ingredients or fragrances. At LaVida Massage of Johns Creek we use quality, natural products like Éminence Organic Skin Care for our clients. Your regular skin care must-haves include:


Aside from cleansing your skin, exfoliation is needed to rid your skin of old cells. As we age, our bodies stop performing this job on their own as efficiently. Only washing with a soft cleanser will keep your skin clean, but will not scrub away the cracked, hardened skin on the surface. Along with removing dead skin, exfoliation also helps with removing dark spots received from pesky acne.

Using an exfoliating glove, a wash with scrubbing beads, or available household items like raw honey and sugar can do the trick! Just be careful not to exfoliate too often, or you could irritate your skin. Gently scrubbing using round, sweeping motions approximately 3 or 4 times a week is plenty! LaVida Massage of Johns Creek practices exfoliation techniques using innovative products and methods.


A facial cleanser or body wash is important for washing away all of the collected sweat, dirt, and makeup that has built up during the day. Your skin is exposed to elements in the air along with constant touch, so a proper cleansing is needed, especially before your body enters sleep-mode. The skin care professionals at LaVida Massage of Johns Creek will ensure you receive sufficient cleansing using safe products and methods.

While we sleep, our pores enlarge and our skin performs the act of its own regeneration. Not cleaning our skin will lead to clogging pores, and can lead to hindering that process which speeds up the look of aging skin. 

Wear SPF

Whether you want to use a moisturizer that contains SPF, or a sunscreen, protecting your skin from potentially harmful sun rays is highly recommended. Being in the sun feels great, but too much exposure is very dangerous. The SPF number on your sunblock specifically refers to the UVB rays it blocks, which might lead to burns and even skin cancer. Products that also mention UVA rays are ideal, as these rays can also lead to harmful damage and aging prematurely.


Creams and lotions with hydrating aspects are crucial for nourishing your skin. The type of moisturizer you use should depend on whether your skin is naturally more dry or oily. You want to make sure to do your research so you are not countering the great benefits of moisturizer by using one that might not suit you. There are options on the market for every skin-type, with special ingredients that fit the needs of the person. Our 60-minute Signature Facial includes the use of moisturizing products customized to meet your needs.

The rules mentioned are vital for the face as well as the body. Regularly caring for your skin now will help to keep you looking more youthful later. Visit LaVida Massage of Johns Creek to explore our refreshing skin treatments today.

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