Naturally Reduce Anxiety With Therapeutic Massage

Anxiety comes from all sorts of problems throughout life. Whether it is the result of having to speak in front of an audience or worrying about social interactions, anxiety can become next to unbearable for those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to treat, or that anxiety sufferers need to go onto medication in order to suppress symptoms. Massage therapy has calming results and offers therapeutic methods for improving different areas of life, including allowing those experiencing anxiety to lower their fear and stress levels, which helps to reduce or completely diminish anxiety in many different forms.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is something nobody can escape, in one way or another, throughout their lifetime, but some suffer from it far more frequently than others. Anxiety is a feeling that sometimes simply comes about and has no obvious cause. Anxiety has been around nearly as long as humans have existed. It first developed when humans feared they might be attacked by a wild animal, or when they had to fight or escape from a certain situation. Essentially, it is directly related to the fight or flight theory. Anxiety helps prime the body to react to a dangerous situation, allowing it to escape with the increase in adrenaline.

Now, being attacked by a wild animal is not something most people now experience. However, there are other situations and circumstances where individuals are forced to deal with potentially terrifying situations. From presenting in front of a class, to a job interview, there are potential consequences of not performing at your best, which is why generalized anxiety disorder developed in countless individuals around the world.

Anxiety is not only in your head. Most individuals experience a physical reaction to the anxiety as well. The muscles of the upper body often tighten up. The tighter muscles then turn into knots, which often affects the person's anxiety, making it more acute and exacerbating the symptoms. Now when the person experiences anxiety, their back and various other body parts might start to hurt, which can result in them fearing the situation even more. By alleviating pain and loosening the tension in the body, it helps lower anxiety levels and, potentially, free the body from anxiety completely (at least in some circumstances).

How the Massage Helps

Due to the fact that anxiety is carried in various regions in the body, such as the lower back, neck and shoulders, a licensed massage therapist is able to work these areas where the tension is. By working the tight, tense areas, the oxytocin and serotonin in the body increase, which alleviates stress inside of the body. Additionally, just feeling more relaxed is going to allow the individual to avoid anxiety, in addition to the fact that the body does not instantly become tense and sore when contemplating a specific situation that typically causes the anxiety levels to peak. By suddenly not having the tight, sore feeling, it is possible to avoid falling into the same anxiety patterns they once had to deal with.

After a massage, the nervous system lowers the heart rate and improves breathing. With these aspects of the body's performance improving, it allows the individual to fall asleep into a deep sleep easier, which is also going to have a beneficial affect on the lowering of general anxiety disorder in the body.

The Power of Massage Therapy

There are truly many benefits available for anyone suffering from generalized anxiety disorder that are looking to improve upon their general wellbeing with the help of a professional massage. By locating the key areas in the body and lowering the tension inside, it allows an individual to eliminate stress, enhance their body's condition and live a more relaxed, anxiety free life.

Anxiety relief is right around the corner - at your local LaVida Massage! Schedule your appointment today.

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